Elorza Proposes Citywide Sports and Recreation Plan

Jorge Elorza, the Democratic candidate for Mayor of Providence, today proposed a 5 point citywide sports and recreation plan, aimed at boosting opportunities for every resident of Providence to participate in sports and recreation activities.

“Providing more access to sports and recreation activities to residents of all ages improves our quality of life, pays big dividends for our youth and helps make our neighborhoods safer and more vibrant,” Elorza said. “As Mayor, I will employ a comprehensive approach, using all the levers at my disposal to bring about broad participation in an inviting menu of enriching and healthy physical activities.”

Elorza continued, “My goal is to have one out of four Providence residents participate in recreational activities by the end of my first term.”

Citing one key example of the importance of this initiative, Elorza pointed to research that shows that participation in athletics and other extra-curricular activities greatly reduces the high school drop-out rate.

The 5 point Elorza Sports and Recreation Plan outlines a blueprint for improving and expanding sports and recreation in Providence:

1) Expanding Youth and Adult Sports Programming
2) Maximizing the Use of our Public Parks and Open Spaces
3) Boosting Support for our Recreation Centers
4) Providing Activities for Seniors
5) Building Collaborations and Partnerships for More Efficient Use of Resources


• Increase the number of high school sports teams and add middle school and elementary school sports teams (Currently, there is dearth of after-school sports options in our public schools)
• Create an online portal to allow youth and adult teams, leagues, and individuals to record their games so that we can provide access to buildings and to ensure that we “keep the lights on” so they can enjoy their games.
• Provide a centralized and consolidated list of all neighborhood sports and recreation activities to better connect youth and adults to teams and leagues within their neighborhoods as well as engage new spectators who may wish to get out and watch a local game and meet their neighbors.
• Expand activities available in our more than 100 neighborhood parks through expanded partnership and proactively solicited community input.
• Better integrate senior activities into over-all recreational programs, including providing opportunities for seniors to mentor youths.
• Make Providence more pedestrian and bike friendly by providing more bike lanes and safer intersections throughout the City.
• Redevelop Camp Cronin for use throughout the year for youth, adult, and senior activities.
• Conduct a public property review of our recreation centers and parks to identify the physical condition of each as well as the redevelopment and maintenance costs to improve them and ensure they are attractive and safe places for residents.
• Devise a coordinated plan to identify and solicit private foundation, state, federal and large non-profit funding for upgrading recreation centers and parks as well as their recreational offerings
• Enlist local college and professional sports teams as well as individual stars and celebrities in supporting sports, parks, and recreation centers.
• Better coordinate and deploy resources through the development of a Providence Sports and Recreation Master Plan that among other components, provides an inventory of all Providence recreation programs and opportunities, whether conducted in the schools at Boys and Girls Clubs or YMCA’s or through some other organization or venue.

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