Elorza proposes plan to improve sports and recreation

Andrew Augustus, WPRO News

Jorge Elorza introduced a five point plan to improve sports and recreation throughout the city.

“All of Providence residents, and especially our children, deserve opportunities to play and they deserve opportunities for organized sports to swim to bike to run and to play in our city,” said Elorza.

The plan proposes the expansion of youth and adult sports programming, maximizing the use of public parks and open space, boosting support for recreation centers, providing activities for seniors, and form collaborations and partnerships for more efficient use of resources.

Elorza says he plans to work with local college and universities along with local sports teams like the Boston Celtics to form the collaborations.

“As Mayor, I will employ a comprehensive approach, using all the levers at my disposal to bring about a broad participation in an inviting menu of enriching and healthy physical activities,” said Elorza.

He says sports and recreation is important to focus because there is research that shows that participation in athletics and other activities reduces the high school drop-out rate.

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